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DSNL’s virtual and digital event solutions are now an integral part of the company’s communication strategy

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In the digital age, organizations must leverage innovative tools to communicate with customers, investors, and business partners. Audio, video, presentations, and social media interactions add to the interactivity, making sessions more engaging and productive. Arranging and conducting such programs can be challenging, given the complexity associated with diverse, scattered attendees and multiple voice or video streams that must be controlled in real-time with impeccable quality. At DSNL, business collaboration is our focus, and our virtual event services are optimized to give you the competitive edge your business deserves

Networking Solutions

Let our specialists take care of planning and managing your event. We understand each need is unique and ensure every stakeholder’s expectations are fulfilled. We meticulously plan every aspect that takes you closer to the business objective of the event

Scheduling B2B Meetings

Engage DSNL’s services for a variety of needs. Whether online, in-person, or hybrid, your event runs without a hitch. The type and nature of the venue don’t matter. Session-specific registration processes, monetization options, and sponsorship activities can all be supported

IP-based live streaming

Focus on your business and let us do the heavy lifting. Not only does partnering with our specialists make your day less stressful, but it also ensures your events are impactful and effective.

Hybrid Events Solutions

With DSNL’s virtual events, you can seamlessly interact with users in the same conference room or from across the world. Overcome the limitations of physical presence and conduct productive meetings any time you want. Enhance attendee participation and drive constructive discussions.

Virtual / Webinar Meetings

For organizations, social media represents a vital medium for interacting with customers. Broadcast live events through social networking platforms to enhance customer engagement while opening up exciting upselling and cross-selling opportunities

Virtual AGM Platform

DSNL’s collaboration platforms are designed to offer crystal-clear audio and high-quality video. The purpose-built, technologically proven system assures a delightful experience for both conference organizers and participants.

Why Host a Virtual Conference

In today’s competitive market, switching to modern communication options is business-critical. With DSNL’s virtual event services, you can conduct a wide range of interactive programs — online workshops, webinars, training sessions, AGMs, and investor relationship calls can now support real-time video streaming and high-quality audio. Our conference specialists are available round the clock for dedicated assistance.

Key Areas for a Virtual Event

Live Real-time Audience

Interact with stakeholders in real-time. Discuss, inform, captivate, brainstorm, and motivate participants. Celebrate success together

Multi-device Support

Be ready to cater to diverse needs. Support mobiles, tablets, laptops, or good old telephones. Maximize participation and eliminate uncertainties

Real-time Analytics

Be in control all the time. Track and assess how meetings align with your business objectives. Improve efficiency with data-backed analytics


1. What are virtual events?

Virtual events are interactive meetings such as conferences, webinars, workshops, or training programs that are hosted online. They are ideal where in-person meetings are expensive, hard to set up, or simply infeasible. With video streaming, text chat, moderated Q&A, screen sharing, and other interactive tools, virtual events offer a similar – or even better — experience for conference organizers and participants.

2. What are the benefits of virtual events?

Virtual events offer the convenience and cost savings every forward-thinking organization needs. The versatile, digital platform fulfills a wide range of meeting needs, delighting business leaders and meeting users alike

4. What do organizers and users need to participate in a virtual event?

Meeting organizers can set up and manage a virtual event from a regular conference room, a large auditorium, or their homes. All they need is a laptop with XX Mbps of Internet. If it’s an event with live attendees, the system can be configured to accept video and audio from AV equipment. Participants can choose to use a mobile, tablet, or laptop. Internet bandwidth of XX Mbps is recommended. They can also use a regular phone if they need only the audio.

4. All this sounds complex. How do I decide what I need? And how do I choose a service provider?

Let’s help. Our experts can advise you on how to ensure a hassle-free, rewarding conferencing experience. Depending on the type of event, the size and location of the audience, and the level of interactivity required, we shall configure a session that fits the exact needs. We go the extra mile – we ensure the meeting is meticulously planned and executed – that means walkthroughs, scripting, mock sessions, in-call operator support, and feedback analysis.